About Gigi

Music is definitely one of my passions in life! My first experience of piano performing was in my preschool years when I would play Never on Sunday by ear for my family. I started taking piano lessons at 7 and continued through college and did receive a BA in music. I have always enjoyed accompanying soloists, choirs, and musicals. Though I am "classically" trained it is so fun performing a variety of styles and genres which I get to do when I perform with Ralph Butler a St. Louis entertainer/band leader. We perform duo and trio gigs in the Alton and St. Louis area. I also enjoy performing solo gigs at charity events, cocktail parties and weddings etc. During the day I teach piano at Alton High School in the music conservatory and after school I have private students in my home. I enjoy teaching all ages and all levels.

My daughter, Lucy is very musical. At 4 she began playing Suzuki violin and now at 12 she enjoys playing the flute and piano. Music certainly fills the air in our home!

Life is an extraordinary adventure and having music in my life certainly enhances my spirituality. I appreciate my talent and want to keep growing and learning and evolving. Fortunately this happens everyday whether I teach, practice or perform.